“The Professional and the person, inside the person there is his professionalism to bring out, without limits, fears. Professionalism that becomes exponential and also puts you safe from any attack in good faith or in bad faith. Professionalism that gives freedom.
Freedom to work in the wake of one’s knowledge, certain, because it is shared with professionals and colleagues.
All the passion for one’s profession comes from within, but are we sure to relate it to who we are in front of?
Can we relate it to the world in which it expresses itself?
The course includes a theoretical part and a practical part.
The theoretical part will cover the whole morning, touching among other things the communication channels and activating emotional marketing.
In the practical part, the dynamisms learned to improve daily activity will be implemented.
It is an unmissable meeting for the modern and prospective groomer, beyond the working years and the experience he has behind him.
It will be held in Montecatini on Sunday 12 September , starting at 9.30 and will be held by doctor Tiziana Nardi – Psychopedagogist and expert in Education and Training for adults and Aleandro Lanini , expert and qualified Groomer from Florence.
Only Groomers who register at the right time can participate in order to guarantee the event following the rules related to the current situation, and all the rules of the moment will be respected for the safe exercise of social and economic activities – G.U. N.175 D.L. 105 of 23 July 2021.
The meeting is limited
We are waiting for you to go on, if you want you can contact us for info and costs: