URBAN DOG NUOVO BLACK STONE is a product specifically formulated to ensure a correct and balanced diet in the formation of struvite stones due to the presence of magnesium, phosphorus and ammonium in the urinary tract. The formation of these crystals is favored by an alkaline pH. The stones can obstruct the urinary tract causing an aggravation of the animal’s health conditions, much more frequent in cats than in dogs. Proper nutrition is important to prevent and treat the presence of struvite stones. We are therefore talking about a complementary feed that allows you to maintain: & gt; Acid urinary pH & gt; ensure a rich and balanced diet & gt; increase urinary volume It is a nutritional support with a high biological and technological value. In fact, it provides the ingredients balanced with each other and protected in a lipid micro capsule that allows their slow release. The administration is very easy, you can use it by mixing it with the daily ration, both wet and dry, or diluted in water. It is important not to cook the food, as the active ingredients would be damaged. The daily administration is 1gr x Kg PV of the subject. Up to a maximum of 22g day. Due to its characteristics, the expiry date is 1 year if the product is stored in a cool and dry place and the package remains intact.