Research and creativity for the well-being of dogs and cats with 100% quality and with active ingredients that we transform into products for the beauty, well-being, care and health of our four-legged friends, in full respect of the environment.
URBAN DOG products are FREE from parabens, paraffins, GMOs, alcohol and formaldehyde removers, we also do not use animal proteins.
All this because our philosophy is based on four simple words:


Research and Development

A constantly updated team of researchers formulates and develops cutting-edge products that are characterized above all by the use of natural active ingredients, essential oils and phyto-extracts.
A human and technological heritage able to meet the needs of each individual customer and to collaborate with other research laboratories, both private and university.
There are many studies from which every single formula is born, a formula that must respond to the specific needs of the skin, hair, intestines, joints.There are many ideas from which a cosmetic for the dog is born, a cosmetic that must know how to create engaging sensations with the owner, with the Groomer and have a story that makes you dream, from the simplest products to those destined to leave their mark in a market that is constantly evolving.

Raw materials • Products

The choice of raw materials, in the creation of our products, is one of the fundamental points to get to create a quality product. The constant control guarantees a result of sure reliability, in line with international standards. All URBAN DOG products are Made in Italy and only high quality plant-derived ingredients are used.
Urban Dog has always been in constant harmony with nature by mixing natural recipes with innovative methods, in full compliance with the company philosophy.
Our mission is to create cosmetic, healing products and supplements that improve the quality of life of dogs, cats and professional operators in the sector, such as groomers, doing every little thing with passion, in the belief that it is the details that make the difference. .




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