The near summer, the desire to be out in the open air is now a need for us and for our trusted four-legged friends. The rules related to the moment require us to behave correctly, but the frenzy of being able to move in large spaces begins to be felt. Our dog deserves attention, especially the more delicate and short-haired ones. UrbanDogTribe has studied a new Hello Summer Spray product available in our official Groomers and Pet Shops sales channels. It is a specific protective spray to defend it from the sun’s rays, especially if it comes out at times where the exposure is highest. Very easy to use and absorbs quickly.

The special spray is suitable for every type of breed with medium protection and water resistant, protects from UVA-UVB rays, is particularly suitable for subjects with short hair, light pigmentation and pink nose.
It should be applied on the hair and skin, in particular to protect the nose, ears, abdomen and tail. An initial greasiness is quickly reabsorbed.

It should be shaken before use.

200ml format.

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