“Proud to introduce you to the new line”

The new Urban Dog line by Silvia Vichi is now available to professional Groomers and Groomers.
Words are of little use when there is a total interaction between Groomers and Company.
We are one, together, respecting increasingly targeted needs that must then bring emotions into the work, well-being for our customers and operators.
The world of Grooming has an extra chance , a plan to follow to achieve unthinkable results of high technical depth, but also of simplicity in use, aimed at speeding up work and reducing time.
A plan for the Professional, designed by a Professional like Silvia .
All labels as in the Urban style are clear and complete with INCI and most of the products are based on plant origin.
This is just the beginning.
Good job everyone!
# urbandogtribe

Cherry Line by Silvia Vichi, good luck !!!