Here we are, now we are. This historical moment has changed the thinking, planning, programming every single activity, and doing it well and quickly to enter, indeed be in the future. This revolution is incredible, but if you want it is also exciting. You have to be there with all of yourself and without fear. The professional groomer cannot avoid this, indeed it becomes an opportunity for him. What is this transformation going through? First of all the training, both the technical one. Then that of technology, but also imperenditorial, managerial. I would dwell on the last one, because the first already has many fathers and mothers, very authoritative in some cases, while technology and digital is a topic that we will address in another location. The grooming manager has been a passion of mine for some time, ambitious, difficult, I’ve been working on it for quite a while and we have also organized stages in the past, now we are implementing it with Urban Dog! Within our Academy we will have professionals who will take care of this specialization for you. If you want we can learn more, send us an email for a contact and we will answer you, it will be a fascinating and constructive challenge, we will grow together. If you are interested contact us at:]